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llow us on WechatChina Southern Pow▓er Grid (CSG) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (▓MOU) over feasibility study on cooperative▓ly developing and building Laos' national power ▓grid in the Lao capital Vientiane.Chinese company signs MOU with Laos o

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ver power grid develo▓pmentChinese company signs MOU with Laos over power grid ▓development08-10-2018 07:51 BJTVIENTIANE, Aug. 9 (Xinhua) -- China Southern Power Grid (CSG) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) over feasibility stu▓dy on cooperatively developing and building Laos' natio▓nal power grid in the Lao capital Vientiane.With the witness of Lao Deputy Prime Minister Sonexay ▓Siphandone, visiting CSG Board Chairman Li Qingkui signed the document on Wednesday eveni

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ars to complete. Once the ve hicle enters service, it i s expected t o bring at least 10 ye ars of extra o per▓ational time to m ultiple satell ites, the news paper▓ cited the academy as saying.The vehicle wi ll enjoy grea t commercial potential in the sat ellite industry, said Hu Di, chief d esigner of the spa cecraft.Pleas▓e scan th e QR Code to 武邑县wap 克山县5G 襄城县wap 山东省5G 宣汉县wap 衡山县wap 定远县wap 平南县5G 呼玛县5G 长寿区wap 田东县wap 巴中市5G 巴林左旗5G 罗定市wap 仙居县5G 镇雄县wap 梁平县5G 左权县5G 息烽县5G 临高县wap 超级变态传奇私服网站刚开一秒 热血传奇私服连击 新开传奇私服 新开176复古传奇私服 传奇私服那个好玩 传奇私服合计版本 传奇私服架设版本 微端传奇私服网 三端互通传奇私服 单机传奇私服服务端